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Buying a Narrow Aisle Forklift

In the previous few decades, manufacturing and distribution centre expansion has been increasing, and it has exploded in recent years. You could be looking for narrow aisle forklifts for sale or rental to satisfy the demands of your warehouse as the business grows and the need for space increases.

Aisles get narrower and more items are stacked on top of one another as storage facilities continue to cram more things into the same amount of space.

It’s possible that these new circumstances won’t operate as well for your conventional solutions and equipment. Very Narrow Aisle forklifts and Narrow Aisle forklifts are designed to fit through narrow aisles while maintaining stability and safety.

These devices are increasingly important as typical forklifts, order pickers, and reach trucks struggle to manoeuvre through confined places.


Your warehouse may benefit in a variety of ways from the deployment of narrow aisle forklifts. To start, they need less room to manoeuvre in aisles. Traditional forklifts cannot work in aisles narrower than a conventional 10.5-foot wide aisle, however narrow aisle forklifts can operate in aisles between 8.5 and 10.5 feet wide. Forklifts designed for very narrow aisles may manoeuvre in spaces as small as 5 to 7 feet.

Forklifts with counterbalances and other designs do not fit in these kinds of areas and do not have a tiny enough turning radius to manoeuvre without running into the racking.

You may reduce aisle widths in your warehouse by using narrow aisle forklifts. You may fit up to 50% more merchandise into the warehouse by making each aisle narrower, which will ultimately allow you to grow and store more things in a single warehouse without having to build anything new or buy a new facility. Many businesses who want to expand their warehouse storage capacity may find this useful.

Narrow aisle forklifts come in a variety of designs. Some people, like order pickers, don’t even need to turn. Instead, they slide side to side, letting you conserve aisle room. Others use a three-wheel configuration, where the back wheel secures the vehicle and permits a smaller turning radius than a four-wheel vehicle. Despite their modest profiles, several of these devices can lift 4,000 pounds or more.


When driving a forklift in a small aisle, there isn’t much room for other activities to be occurring in those cramped places. Due to the fact that only one narrow aisle forklift can fit down your aisles at once, you can have traffic jams in the warehouse. For your warehouse and your employees, it might be cumbersome and dangerous to be unable to pass other people or equipment.

A particular set of duties are performed by narrow aisle forklifts. When employing these tools, it is occasionally essential to use more than one equipment to finish a job that could otherwise be finished by a single, bigger forklift. For instance, certain extremely narrow aisle forklifts are unable to lift or hand-off merchandise to an outward or inbound dock since doing so would need the use of a dock functioning forklift.

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