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Which Order Picker Do I Need?

Want a product from your upper racks to be hand-picked? A picker of orders is required. A crucial piece of warehouse equipment called an order picker enables your warehouse staff to reach and choose goods that are located above the second row of your rack space.

On the first and second rows of your rack space, you can often use a pallet jack or forklift to get the goods you require, but for the higher rack spaces, you need an order picker. When a used forklift for sale is insufficient, it will be useful.

Your order picker will be operated by your warehouse staff while they are standing on an external platform on the machine’s front. The platform may be raised and lowered as needed by your order pickers.

Your order picker’s mast will include a harness that will be used to secure your order pickers. Given that your order picker employees will be choosing items from heights of up to 35 feet, this safety practise is extremely necessary.

Order pickers are ideally suited for lifting and moving non-palletized goods and are employed in a variety of warehouse storage systems.

This comprises furniture warehousing, consumer retail goods storage, and archive storage like to that found in libraries. When picking up furniture, a special order picker with a bigger platform is employed to transfer heavy boxes into higher places with ease.

Batch picking, spacing, and slotting are just a few of the warehouse tasks that order pickers may be utilised for.

A warehousing procedure called “batch picking” entails choosing items for several bundled orders at once. By allowing the operator to choose items for many orders at once, your order picker can cut down on the time spent picking products from the same rack area.

Rearranging your bookshelf such that the most often used items are in one convenient area is known as space and slotting selecting. Your warehouse’s most popular items may fluctuate throughout the course of the year due to discounts and promotions. This implies that the goods kept in these convenient places will alter. Utilizing your order picker, you can quickly and effectively rearrange your easy-access storage area by moving the old product to higher shelves and adding the new product in its place.

Order Picker Types

Mid-level and high-level order pickers are the two primary categories.

Mid-Level Order Pickers

Orders are picked by mid-level order pickers at a height of 15 to 25 feet. This height often covers the second and third rows of rack space in warehouses. They are utilised all around the warehouse and can support up to 3,000 pounds of weight.

For further security, mid-level order pickers can be equipped with side wires or rails. The operator may concentrate on choosing the proper product without having to worry about falling thanks to wire and rail protecting.

High-Level Order Pickers

A high-level order picker, which enables the operator to choose items at heights up to 35 feet, is required to pick a product that is higher than 25 feet. High-level order pickers are designed with a wire or rail guard system for your operator’s protection because of their additional height capacity. Because they require no more than 54 inches of berth, high-level order pickers may be used in smaller aisles than their mid-level equivalents. That isn’t even five feet tall.

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