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Buying a Scissor Lift

Do you require a lift for your building site? Specifically, a platform lift that enables you to work effectively and securely on high places while supporting many people and equipment? Then, whether you are renting or purchasing a scissor lift, you need one.

A piece of construction equipment with an extensible platform is called a scissor lift. To access lofty regions that a ladder or scaffolding would not be able to reach, you can raise or lower this platform. For construction operations like close inspections of elevated regions or cable wire installation, a scissor lift might be helpful.

Typically, scissor lifts are regarded as belonging to the forklift family.

Scissor Lift Types

Scissor lifts exist in a variety of sizes, with a range of features and applications, and are propelled by a number of different fuels. You may find that using a hydraulic scissor lift is an easy way to start working higher up, both inside and outside. A typical lift seen on outdoor building sites is a diesel scissor lift. You can be raised up to 30 feet in the air or, in the case of some versions, up to 60 feet.

An electric scissor lift is the best option if you want a scissor lift that is fully safe to use indoors and is also silent. working outside on an unsteady surface, such as while doing a home or commercial construction project? A difficult terrain scissor lift can complete the task. Or perhaps you want to use less gasoline to help the environment and save some money. A pneumatic scissor lift will be useful for you in that situation.


Hand power or a hydraulic engine can be used to power hydraulic scissor lifts. Hydraulic oil powers them, changing pressure to raise and lower the lift platform. The simplest construction lifts to use and the ones that require the least training are hydraulic scissor lifts. This makes it simple to mobilise and put to work your crew.

A hydraulic scissor lift’s possible drawback is that oil thickens in cold temperatures. As a result, as the temperature drops, hydraulic scissor lifts are much slower. Because of this, tasks that don’t require a lot of speed or force are best suited for hydraulic scissor lifts.


Looking to avoid the gas station line, reduce noise, and protect the environment? See if you can use an electric scissor lift. Due to the fact that they don’t release any gasoline fumes and can be used safely for interior work, these silent scissor lifts are highly popular.

Electric scissor lifts are less powerful than their counterparts that use gasoline, but they can still move and fit within narrow areas. They are therefore perfect for installing internal pipe or cabling on construction sites for businesses.


It’s a sure guarantee that a scissor lift you saw on an outside building site was powered by diesel. These scissor lift models are the most prevalent ones. With a normal model, they can securely raise you and your team up to 30 feet, and with more specialised versions, up to 60 feet. They do this because to their patented cross-braced mechanism. Diesel scissor lifts provide your project with much-needed power because they are sturdy and resilient.

Diesel fuel shouldn’t be used indoors since it makes a lot of noise and its fumes might be dangerous to breathe.


The ground at outdoor building sites can be hazardous and uneven. slope backgrounds, as well as deep muck and rocks. You need a scissor lift that can withstand the stress of the terrain if you’re working on a project site like this. You require a tough terrain scissor lift for this reason.

Scissor lifts designed specifically for use in rough, outdoor terrain are known as rough terrain scissor lifts. They have stronger tyres, a better weight bearing capacity, and security features including belts and fall restraints. You may be moved up to 50 feet in the air and 10 feet in any direction. Rough terrain scissor lifts are available with diesel, gas, and propane engines.


A system that compresses and vacuums air pressure powers pneumatic scissor lifts. Since they don’t require fuel to burn, they don’t produce any toxic or damaging vapours. Because of this, pneumatic scissor lifts are completely eco-friendly for businesses wishing to go green or benefit from tax incentives for sustainable environmental practises.

However, pneumatic scissor lifts are only effective inside. Additionally, they lack the fuel-powered scissor lifts’ power capacity.

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